Our Impact

Our team has been engaged in the promotion and celebration of African culture and arts informally for 2 years.  We have a combined 30 years of dedication to learning the music and dance and other forms of African arts which has led us to form Wontanara.  Wontanara is a new dedication with the hope of broadening awareness of African arts and sending support to the African communities for whom we owe a debt of gratitude for sharing the beauty of their cultures with us.  Please consider joining the team, signing up for a dance class or becoming a partner should you wish to help us support these communities.

Below is a video describing one of the events Wontanara has been a part of, Second Saturday for Kids.  Second Saturday for Kids is a free art event that happens 3 times per year where local artists put together an afternoon of workshops for children ages 5 - 15. Here, the members of Wontanra perform and conduct a dance workshop as part of Jabberwocky studios during Second Saturday for Kids.  Catherine Parke, the founder of Second Saturday for Kids, describes the event in greater detail.

Video used by permission courtesy of Vox Magazine. Videographer, Yehyun Kim.